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How to Secure a Free Laptop for College in 2023| top 60 colleges that offer free laptops

How to Secure a Free Laptop for College in 2023


How to Secure a Free Laptop for College in 2023. Embarking on the journey of college life in 2023 is both thrilling and financially demanding.

Besides tuition fees one major expense students encounter is the acquisition of essential tools for learning particularly laptops.

Fortunately, various programs and opportunities are available to alleviate this financial burden.

This article explores the significance of discounted and Free Laptop for College and provides a comprehensive guide on where and how to obtain them.

The Significance of Discounted and Free Laptops for Students For many college students and their families the cost of attending higher education institutions can be overwhelming.

According to data from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) the average total cost of attendance for full time, first time students at four-year universities varies depending on living arrangements:

  • $26800 for off-campus living
  •  $26000 for on-campus living
  •  $15600 for living with family

These include tuition fees books supplies housing and other living expenses. 

Despite financial aid availability, numerous students must manage their expenses carefully, making free or discounted laptops valuable.

Common Eligibility Criteria for Free Student Laptops

 Organizations offering free or low-cost laptops typically have specific eligibility criteria which may include:

  1. Photo identification.
  2.  Student identification or proof of enrollment.
  3.  Evidence that personal or family income falls within the organization’s specified requirements.
  4.  Documentation demonstrating participation in government assistance programs such as the Federal Pell Grant Medicaid or housing assistance.

Colleges Offering Free Laptop for College to Bridge the Digital Divide Access to technology is indispensable for college students in today’s digital age.

However many students still face technology-related barriers that hinder their online learning experiences.

According to a 2021 Midwestern Higher Education Compact report approximately 19% of college students reported obstacles such as inadequate computer hardware or internet connections.

For online students having a high-performing laptop is crucial for effective participation in virtual learning. Fortunately many colleges now offer programs that provide free laptops to students to bridge the digital divide.

In this comprehensive guide we will explore 55 colleges that offer free or discounted laptops and other technological perks to help students overcome these barriers.

The Digital Divide: A Challenge for College Students Online education has become increasingly prevalent highlighting the growing need for accessible technology.

Unfortunately not all students have equal access to the necessary hardware and software. Many colleges have developed initiatives to address this issue ensuring students have the tools they need for academic success.

Let’s delve into the list of 55 colleges that offer free or discounted laptops:

Colleges That Offer Free Laptops
SchoolLaptop PolicyEligibility
Alabama State UniversityFree loaner MacBook Pro laptops through Apple Loan ProgramCollege of Business and Administration students
American National UniversityFree laptops and softwareAll domestic students
Amridge UniversityDiscounted laptops through Chromebook programAll students
Azusa Pacific UniversityDiscounted laptops through CollegeBuysAll students
Auburn UniversityDiscounted laptops through Apple, Dell, HP, and IBMAll students
Bethel UniversityFree laptops or ChromebookAll undergraduates
California State University, BakersfieldFree loaner laptops through STEP ProgramStudents with demonstrated financial need
California State University, East BayFree loaner laptops can be checked out every semesterAll students (first come, first served)
California State University, FullertonFree loaner laptops can be checked out every semesterAll students (first come, first served)
Chatham UniversityFree 13-inch MacBook Air laptops, cases, and backpacksAll first-year students; some transfer students
Dakota State UniversityFree Dell laptopsAll full-time first-year students
Davenport UniversityDiscounted laptops through participating vendorsAll students
Drexel UniversityDiscounted laptops through participating vendorsAll students
Eastern Kentucky UniversityDiscounted laptops through EKU’s Barnes & Noble bookstoreAll students
Harvard UniversityDiscounted laptops through Apple and DellAll students
Indiana State UniversityFree loaner laptopsCommuter students
Moravian UniversityFree MacBook Pro laptops and iPadsAll first-year students
Northwest Missouri State UniversityFree laptops and laptop repairsAll students
Oklahoma State UniversityDiscounted laptops and technology through OrangeTechAll students
Park UniversityDiscounted laptops through participating vendorsAll students
Purdue UniversityDiscounted laptops and technology through ITaP Shopping programAll students
Saint Leo UniversityFree loaner laptops through Department of Information TechnologyAll students (first come, first served)
San Diego State UniversityFree loaner laptops can be checked out from the libraryAll students (first come, first served)
Seattle Pacific UniversityDiscounted refurbished laptops through Computer and Information SystemsAll students
Seattle UniversityDiscounted laptops through participating vendorsAll students
Seton Hall UniversityFree laptops and softwareAll undergraduates
Southern Nazarene UniversityDiscounted laptops through DellAll undergraduates
Southern New Hampshire UniversityDiscounted laptops through Apple and DellAll students
St. John’s UniversityDiscounted laptops through Lenovo and AppleAll students
Stony Brook UniversityDiscounted laptops through DellAll students
Strayer UniversityFree laptops with Microsoft softwareNew and readmitted bachelor’s students
The Ohio State UniversityDiscounted laptops and technology through Tech HubAll students
University of ArizonaDiscounted laptops and accessories through university BookStoresAll students
University of Arkansas, GranthamFree Lenovo laptopsAll students
University of California, BerkeleyDiscounted laptops and technology through participating vendorsAll students
University of California, DavisDiscounted Apple products, including laptops, through TechHUB at campus bookstoreAll continuing and professional education students
University of California, IrvineOne-time budget increase of $2,000 can be requested for a new laptop; discounted laptops also availableAll undergraduate students receiving financial aid
University of Central FloridaDiscounted Apple and Dell laptops through Computer StoreAll students
University of MichiganDiscounted laptops through Tech ShopAll students
University of Minnesota, CrookstonFree laptops and softwareAll on-campus students
University of Nevada, Las VegasDiscounted laptops through participating vendorsAll students
University of Texas at AustinDiscounted laptops and technology through Campus Computer Store and HiEd Tech StoreAll students
University of Texas at DallasDiscounted laptops and technology through Student Technology Initiative and HiEd Tech StoreAll students
University of Texas at San AntonioDiscounted laptops and technology through Campus Technology Store and HiEd Tech StoreAll students
University of Texas at TylerDiscounted laptops and technology through Dell and HiEd Tech StoreAll students
University of Texas Rio Grande ValleyDiscounted laptops and technology through HiEd Tech StoreAll students
Villanova UniversityDiscounted Apple and Dell laptops through Partner Purchase ProgramAll students
Wake Forest UniversityDiscounted laptops and technology through WakeWareUndergraduate students
Washington State UniversityDiscounted laptops and technology through CORETECHAll students
Western Washington UniversityDiscounted laptops and technology through participating vendorsAll students

How to Secure a Free or Discounted Laptop for College

If you find yourself in need of a laptop or computer for college, there are several avenues to explore:

  1. Choose a School With a Laptop Program: Many colleges offer laptop lending programs, allowing students to borrow laptops for a specific period. For instance, Santa Ana College’s Digital Dons program enables students to borrow a laptop for one term at a time.
  2.  Use Scholarship, Grant, or Loan Money: Certain scholarships and grants may cover expenses beyond tuition and fees, including books and supplies like laptops or tablets. Explore your financial aid options to determine if you can use these funds to acquire a computer.
  3.  Purchase From Companies That Offer Student Discounts: Numerous tech companies provide education discounts directly to students. For example, Lenovo offers a 5% discount for students and teachers who verify their ID using Apple and Dell also offer education discounts on select laptops.
  4.  Look for Used and Refurbished Tech: Another cost-effective option is to purchase a used or refurbished laptop. Websites like Craigslist, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and OfferUp allow sellers to list new or used items, including laptops, in their local markets. However, exercise caution when dealing with third-party vendors to ensure reliability.

Additional Resources for Free or Discounted Laptops 

If you’re still in search of a free or discounted laptop, consider these additional resources:

  • Community Computer Connections Program: This initiative refurbishes computers and provides them free of charge to low-income individuals, veterans, and families on Long Island.
  •  Computers With Causes: Computers With Causes accepts donations of used or surplus computers and distributes them to students, teachers, schools, and other deserving recipients.
  •  Kramden Institute: Kramden Institute refurbishes old computers and awards them to students and community members in need. The organization also offers educational programs in digital literacy and advanced coding.
  •  Notebooks for Students: Notebooks for Students is a nonprofit organization offering discounted laptops to college, high school, primary, and homeschool students.
  •  PCs for People: This organization sells refurbished and discounted computers, internet modems, and tech accessories for students and families in need.
  •  Tech for Troops: Tech for Troops refurbishes used computers to prevent them from ending up in landfills. These refurbished computers are donated to veterans in need and their families.
  •  Tech Exchange: Tech Exchange was founded to address the digital divide. The organization provides refurbished computers to low-income families free of charge.
  •  Virginia Star: This after-school club teaches high school students to refurbish computers, which are then donated to school districts, organizations, and families in need.
  •  With Causes: With Causes reuses and recycles computers to assist disadvantaged and underemployed individuals. The organization also supports educational programs and classrooms, including computer labs.

In conclusion, securing a free or discounted laptop for college in 2023 is feasible and crucial for students facing financial constraints. By exploring the options outlined in this article, you can ensure you have the necessary tools for your academic journey while minimizing the financial burden.

Free Laptop for College

Choosing the Perfect College Laptop

Selecting the ideal laptop for your college journey is a crucial decision that can greatly impact your academic success.

Not only should your laptop meet your program’s hardware requirements, but it should also fit your budget. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the key factors to consider when choosing a college laptop, highlight the top recommendations for various needs, and provide valuable information on how to obtain a free or discounted laptop for college.

Understanding Your College’s Requirements

Before diving into the laptop options, it’s essential to understand your college or university’s specific requirements. Different programs may have hardware and software prerequisites, such as hard drive size, processor speed, and operating system compatibility.

For instance, if you’re pursuing a computer science major, you might need a powerful laptop with specific specifications to support your coursework. Additionally, your budget should be a key consideration when choosing the right laptop.

Top 7 Laptops for College Students

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 laptops for college students:

  1. Apple MacBook Air M1: Ideal for students seeking a lightweight design and long battery life.
  2.  Acer Swift 3: A portable yet powerful laptop suitable for multitasking.
  3.  Microsoft Surface Pro 8: A versatile device with a touch screen and extended battery life.
  4.  Acer Chromebook Spin 713: The best Chromebook option for reliable and durable performance.
  5.  Apple MacBook Pro M1 Chip: A premium Apple choice for students requiring a powerful, long-lasting laptop.
  6.  Dell XPS 13: A premium Windows laptop for students looking for advanced performance and graphics.
  7.  Lenovo Chromebook Duet: Ideal for budget-conscious students seeking high performance.
Free Laptop for College

Where to Get Free Laptops for College

If budget constraints are a concern, there are avenues to obtain Free Laptop for College for college:

  1. Your University or College: Some educational institutions offer free computers to their students, either as gifts or on loan.
  2.  Computers with Causes: A charitable organization that provides computers to students, veterans with disabilities, foster homes, and others in need.
  3.  Dell Scholars Program: Offers financial literacy resources, textbook support, laptops, and scholarships for low-income and first-generation students.
  4.  On It Foundation: Provides free computers and computer training to low-income public school students in grades K-12 who receive free or reduced school lunches.

College Student Discounts on Laptops

If you don’t qualify for a Free Laptop for College, purchasing one at a discounted rate is still available. Government programs and nonprofit organizations can help, and many tech companies offer student discounts on laptops:

  • Affordable Connectivity Program: Provides discounted internet service and a one-time credit of up to $100 to purchase a computer.
  •  Connect All: Offers low-cost refurbished laptops, desktops, tablets, and other devices to eligible individuals.
  •  Notebooks for Students: Provides discounted name-brand laptops to students of all ages and grade levels.
  •  PCs for People: Recycles and refurbishes computers for distribution to nonprofit organizations, low-income individuals and families.

Tech Retailers, including Acer, Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Microsoft, also offer student discounts.


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